Monday, March 10, 2014


University of Cape Town Classes
   The third week of school has started and I'm just getting used to how the class system works. I am taking 3 classes; Human Biology, Health Psychology, and Intro to South Africa. My class sizes range from 60-250 students which is very different from Chapman. The lectures here are pretty standard where there professor uses power points. Except one of the harder parts is how fast they teach here and that there are mandatory tutorial. Also all the students seem very smart here. I think in high school they choose which field they want to study so they have been studying a subject intensely for a while. Also they don't really have homework. Most of our grade depends on the final test, like %50.

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  1. Hi O!!!!
    SO SO GREAT to hear from you, and see your photos on your cool blog!!
    What an incredible time you must be having, an amazing opportunity..
    Will just send love and BEST right now!! xx Key Largo Suzi B